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Electric Flea Removal Comb for Dogs & Cats - Perfenq

Electric Flea Removal Comb for Dogs & Cats

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  • Slide to switch on the electric brush, advantageous to utilize.
  • Expel insects with no unforgiving pesticides or synthetic substances.
  • Simple to work, just tenderly search over the hide.
  • A decent aide to keep your pet spotless and clean.


    Bugs can exhaust your pet's blood supply and this can be particularly perilous in youthful young doggies/little cats. As the insect benefits from the blood, the procedure makes a response that can cause tingling. Bugs can likewise cause tapeworm.

    This progressive Pet Flea Killing Comb causes bugs on your pets to vanish in a flash when you groom their hide. In the wake of identifying and slaughtering the bug, it assembles the insects and gives you a chance to dispose of in a sans hands route with basic catch squeezing.

    It applies a delicate electric charge to murder insects without hurting your pet. Extraordinary to use for felines and pooches all things considered and with ALL coat lengths.

  • Sets aside Cash: Veterinarian charges can be very high, and you scarcely need to visit a vet for something as basic as helping your pet to be freed of insects.
  • Spares Time: Instead of the protracted systems ordinarily connected with insect expulsion, this gadget evacuates the bugs rapidly and effectively.
  • Best Flea Killer - It discharges a slight electric charge as your brush the go over your pet's hide to identify and slaughter bug adequately
  • Simple to Use - Simply brush your pets to murder the insect, no additional apparatus required
  • Minimal and Easy to Use - Much simpler than synthetic showers and average medicines
  • Easy - Gentle charge executes bugs without hurting your pet with no inconvenience to your pet
  • Without hands Discard - Simply slide the edge to dispose of the dead bugs
    Substance free, sans pesticide 
Deals with pets of Any Age

Deals with Any Coat Lengths - Reaches profound into your pet's full-length hide/short coat to discover, execute and expel bug

Perfect for felines and mutts


      • Package Size: 67 x 52 x 54mm
      • Powered by:  2 x AA batteries(not included)

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